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Lace Babydoll Factory - The Perfect Gift For Your Special Lady
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Lace Babydoll Factory - The Perfect Gift For Your Special Lady

If you have ever dreamed of having a French Maid lookalike, the Lace Babydoll Factory is definitely the perfect way to get there.lace babydoll factory Made from lace and sheer fabrics, the dildo can be worn in either a strap on or without straps and will enhance your personal fantasy and act as a flirtatious surprise at the most inappropriate times.

The Babydoll Factory also includes various dildos in varying lengths, creating the ultimate sexual experience for anyone wanting a body hugging sensation that will leave them breathless. The dildos are made from super soft and sturdy tube and are available in multiple variations including curved, inverted, straight and even variations with and without the glans.

A silky, smooth silk babydoll can add to the sensations by acting as a lubricant that will deliver an erotic touch to the wearer and will leave them wishing for more. The fabric used to make the dildos in the collection is high in anti bacterial properties that make it ideal for use with a condom and is non-porous making it safe for vaginal or anal use. Furthermore, the babies are safe to be washed and are hypoallergenic so you can be assured that your partner will love you all night long.

The original model of the Babydoll Factory features a rubberized skin over the genital area to add the sensation of skin contact. This creates a feeling of fullness as the wearer penetrates and will also act as a pleasure center to add excitement to the experience. Since the material used is porous, you should take care not to go too far with the dildo and use a condom.

For the ultimate pleasure, choose a lace babydoll with glans or who doesn't enjoy the sensation of being penetrated. The over the top glans is perfect for double penetration and will add to the thrills and spills as you enjoy your adventure. With a silk babydoll, you will feel the fullness of your vagina when the dildo is inserted and you will have the sensation of fullness but without the actual feeling of a penis. It will be the ultimate ride for the true sexual explorer who wants to add to the sensations.

If you want to go completely over the top and get the full penetration sensation with a pure silk babydoll, choose one that comes with a 'made to order' option to ensure you are able to customize the appearance and colour of the material. Having an idea about what you want may allow you to save money and time in the design stage.

The perfect gift for the lady you adore but who has yet to experience the ultimate in pleasure, the lace babydoll will leave her yearning for more, wanting to spend the rest of the evening with you, dreaming of your next escapade together. For those who need a little something extra, get ready to be amazed by the beauty and strength of the babydolls in the Lace Babydoll Factory collection.

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